We believe in
empowering researchers with the best technology so that time can be spent on what really matters – making discoveries.
Aim's Lab
is a research based lab serving the needs of scientific research.
We provide software that makes the research process simpler and more efficient so that everyone can work smart and discover more. We believe passionately that tomorrow’s research will be different and better than today’s.
We’re on a mission
We’re pioneering and disruptive – a lab made up of dynamic and questioning people. We believe that we can change the way science is done by constantly challenging and doing things in a different and more efficient way.“We still have better tools for managing our personal music and photo collections than we have for managing, tracking and mining scientific information.
We’re investors in talent
We incubate and invest in promising start-ups in the research space. We’re unique in that we spot entrepreneurs with amazing talent and actively work with them to support their growth so that the research community can benefit from truly innovative scientific technology.
We also offer a Catalyst Grant programme which helps get early stage ideas off the ground and bring them to life.
Science is global and so are we
We work with the scientific community around the globe to ensure we understand their needs so that we can help change the way science works from the ground up..