"Since the dawn of life on the earth and birth of human civilization the human intellect is in a continuous pursuit of investigating the universe outside in within itself. Several means and mechanisms are devised and employed to understand mysteries and patterns, and the causes behind them. Disciplines like religion, art, magic, science, technology etc. have addressed and contributed through different prospective in human understanding but still we the human and the world around us is not obvious. Recent developments in the science, art and technology have brought us to a nexus where tools, techniques and findings of various disciplines could be combined to better understand mysteries within and around us. Artificial Intelligence and Multidisciplinary (AIM) research laboratory is established back in May 2012 to design and utilize cross-disciplinary research tools and techniques for human understanding of such hidden mysteries and craft new artifacts based on research findings for the wellbeing of humanity."


How We help Researchers?

Work more efficiently with smart tools that support you at every stage of your research cycle.

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How we work with institutions

Increase the productivity of your institution with smart tools that fuel innovation and opportunity.

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globe_250px (1)How we work with publishers

Innovate and empower to make sure your content supports and fully engages with end users and authors.

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How we work with funders

Compare your portfolio with those of other funders and harness the insights to make smarter decisions.

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We’re investors in talent

We incubate and support promising startups

From helping build out your
product to growing your business,we offer
mentor ship and financial support.
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Our Catalyst Grant will bring your idea to life

If you’ve got an early stage idea in scientific
software, then we’ve got the funding and
resources to get it off the ground.
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